What is ecu remapping?

ECU remapping is an engine tuning service which enables some of the restrictions put on a vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer to be lifted. Yes that’s right – what you may not have known is that vehicle manufacturers actually limit the performance of vehicles. This is to take into consideration sub-standard fuels and the possibility that vehicles may not be serviced on a regular basis and in accordance with the manufacturers recommended guidelines. ECU remapping unblocks some of these restrictions so that the vehicle being remapped can perform as was originally designed. More power, greater response and lower fuel consumption are some of the advantages that a remap will offer. What’s more, remapping a vehicle has no negative effect on exhaust emissions or the life of an engine. Each remap which us undertake is unique and tailored to suit the specific vehicle which is being remapped. Connecting remotely to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) via the on-board diagnostics port also ensures that no hardware or engine components are altered in anyway.

What we offer

Ecu remapping
EGR Delete
Economy tuning
DPF delete
OBD DTC fault code reading / removal